February is National Heart Month, reminding us it’s time to take the necessary steps to ensure good heart health. It’s never too late to incorporate a well-balanced diet and exercise into your life. Stock up on those fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts. Of course, we can’t change our family history, but there are small lifestyle changes that can make a difference, not only with heart health, but with overall health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee drinking among American consumers is at an all-time high with research supporting even more healthy reasons to enjoy that delicious daily ritual. It’s already been established that drinking moderate amounts of coffee can protect you against Type 2 Diabetes and certain types of cancer, but research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology also links moderate coffee consumption (2-3 cups daily) to protecting against new-onset atrial fibrillation, irregular heart rhythms commonly known as “a.fib.”

And a Brazilian study appearing in the Journal of the American Heart Association reported that coffee consumption has been shown to decrease the odds of developing calcium buildup in the arteries of non-smokers that can potentially lead to heart attacks. The American Heart Association reports that coffee drinking has been linked to a lower risk of coronary heart disease, particularly among women. So, don’t hesitate to reach for that second or third cup of coffee. Your heart will love you for it.

Wake up your Sex Life

In addition to improving heart health, research has shown that a steaming cup of coffee can also heat up your love life. A University of Texas study found that men who drink just two cups of coffee a day were 42 percent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Previous research has also shown that caffeine can boost sex drive in women — so drink up and enjoy coffee with benefits!

Organically Speaking

When selecting a coffee brand to support a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to consider the benefits of organic coffee. When you drink USDA Certified Organic coffee, you are keeping yourself safe from harmful pesticides and herbicides, and also doing your part to fight climate change by reducing carbons that escape into the environment from non-organic farming methods.

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Spice it up for More Flavor and Health Benefits

Treat your heart and health by selecting from one of our freshly roasted, Certified Organic, 100% Arabica specialty grade coffees – and changing it up with a few healthy spices. Try adding a dash of cinnamon to our popular Signature Blend Cinnamon has not only been shown to be packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation, but also helps to lower blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. And it also blends perfectly with coffee.

Studies have also shown that both cocoa and dark chocolate have cardiovascular benefits, including improvements in cholesterol levels, blood pressure and coronary artery function. Sample our Guatemala Organic single-origin coffee with cocoa or taste the dark chocolate in our Brazil Organic – both packed with antioxidants to give your heart and health a boost. Shop Now or call us at 407-730-6625.