Javatino joined millions of global citizens in celebrating Earth Day every day throughout April! We’ve been inspired by Central Floridians who organized neighborhood cleanups and educational programs to spread awareness about conserving our local natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Making a Difference 

What steps are you taking to help our planet?  Whether it’s planting your own garden, reducing single-use plastic, or changing to eco-friendly products, each small effort can contribute in a positive way to improving our environment. You won’t be surprised to learn that Javatino has uncovered some great ways to recycle those used coffee grounds and filters. Following is some food for thought to get you started on your earth-friendly journey! 

Perk up your Garden with Coffee Compost

Coffee grounds are the perfect addition to your compost pile. The grounds add nitrogen, a critical component also found in eggshells, and other green food scraps.  When these nitrogen-rich ingredients are combined with carbon-producing materials such as paper and yard trimmings, the blend breaks down waste through natural decomposition. You can throw in your used coffee filters as well. The resulting compost produces a nutrient-rich soil mixture that will keep your organic garden thriving. 

Fleas Beware! 

It’s known that coffee grounds can make a natural exfoliating body scrub for humans, but it turns out that our fur babies can also enjoy the benefits of coffee during their bath. Coffee grounds can enhance your regular preventative flea treatments by acting as a natural flea repellent. After your dog’s shampoo, gently rub a small amount of coffee grounds into the fur and then rinse well. Your best buddy will be more comfortable, and you will enjoy the fresh coffee scent. But please…make sure your pet does not ingest the coffee grounds. For external use only! 

Sustainability Starts at Home

No need to venture out in the morning when you can brew the best quality coffee right at home and enjoy it in your favorite reusable mug. At Javatino, we pride ourselves on providing the freshest and healthiest coffee products available. As Orlando’s original USDA Certified Organic coffee roaster, Javatino has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability. That’s because our coffee beans are grown under sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods, protecting the environment, and conserving natural resources. 

Monthly Coffee Subscriptions 

What’s your favorite Javatino coffee?  Perhaps you enjoy the dark roast and full-bodied flavor of Cuba Joe’s Espresso for your morning pick me up.  Or the delicious fruity and floral notes of Javatino Ethiopia Organic from our Single Origin collection. Whatever your preference, don’t risk running low on Javatino. Sign up now for a monthly subscription.  Not only does Javatino deliver on taste, but also supports organic integrity and sustainability.