Ethiopia Organic


Origin: Eastern Africa

Light/Medium Roast

Notes: Strawberry, blueberry and stone fruit


This organically grown and fair trade coffee is grown in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Coffees from this region are truly unique because of the vibrant aromatics, full of citrus and floral notes. Farmers for this region all grow coffee then send it to the mill to be processed. This makes it very difficult to pinpoint exactly where the coffee is grown because all the coffee gets mixed together and then separated by size. This coffee is grown at altitudes of around 1750-2200 meters above sea level. It is harvested from October to January and goes through a washed process to remove the coffee seed from the cherry. Once processed, it is then sun-dried on raised beds. Most coffee in this region consists of the heirloom varieties. With all the special characteristics of the coffee from this region, we find this coffee has notes of strawberry and stone fruit with a nice floral, almost tea-like, essence.

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