We thought 2021 would never arrive…and now summer is at its peak.  The ‘dog days of summer’ officially arrived on July 3, bringing with them hot and stormy days. Whether you enjoy a sizzling day at the beach or staying cool indoors, Javatino is here to help you survive the dog days. Our solution? Always have a Javatino Cold Brew iced down and within easy reach – guaranteed to keep you cool and perfectly energized for an active summer schedule. 

So, just what are the Dog Days of Summer?

According to Earthsky, the phrase ‘Dog Days of Summer’ originated with the giant blue star Sirius, the brightest star visible from Earth. Its location in the constellation Canis Major – or Greater Dog – earned Sirius the nickname Dog Star. 

Each year between July and August in the Northern Hemisphere, Sirius appears near the sun in the East before sunrise. Ancient astrologers believed that the proximity of Sirius to the Sun during these months intensified the summer heat. This theory does not hold up, but the phrase certainly did!

Rediscovering Central Florida Favorites

Tame those Dog Days of Summer by cooling off at some of Central Florida’s hot spots. Check out these reasonably priced – and not to be missed – local favorites.

Blue Springs State Park – On a 90+-degree day, the 72-degree water at Blue Springs will take your breath away! The state park is a step back in time and located less than an hour’s drive north of downtown Orlando. Known as a haven for manatees during the winter months, summertime offers swimming, snorkeling, tubing, and kayaking. And don’t miss the historic nature cruise along the St. John’s River, where you’ll find yourself among abundant Florida wildlife.

Morse Museum of American Art – This Winter Park gem is located at the north end of  Park Ave and boasts the most comprehensive collection of works by artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of the founder of Tiffany & Co. You’ll be dazzled by his incredible stained-glass windows and lamps that appear alongside works of other 19th and early 20th century artists.

Harry P. Leu Gardens – Maybe not the ‘coolest’ spot in town, but Orlando’s own tropical gardens are a must-see any time of the year. Leu Gardens is set among 50 acres of 200-year-old oaks, landscaped paths, and lakes. Until September 5, you can catch the annual display of Enchanted Fairy Doors whimsically revealed throughout the gardens. The kids will love it, but make sure to get an early start to beat the heat. 

Javatino – A Local Favorite since 2012

And speaking of local favorites….Javatino enjoys the distinction of being Orlando’s original Certified Organic coffee roaster, offering our customers a tasty and healthy variety of more than a dozen Single Origin and blended coffees. Check out our entire selection online. Or visit us at the  Windermere Farmers Market, open every Friday between 9 am – 1:30 pm, to pick up a supply of freshly roasted Javatino beans or ground coffee. 

And it’s always a dog day at the Windemere Farmers Market. The dog-friendly market has become a popular destination for all breeds to strut their stuff. Bring your own pups to join in the fun! When it’s time to cool off, stop by for some Certified Organic Javatino Cold Brews, the perfect summer thirst quencher offered in three delicious flavors, including a vegan option. The cold brews are handcrafted at our Orlando certified cold brew processing facility, using natural and preservative-free ingredients. Refreshing and delicious – and only available at the Windermere Farmers Market. Take a refreshing summer break with Javatino!