Enhance your Morning Coffee with Tasty Dairy-Free Alternatives

Coffee purists may like their morning coffee black, but for those who prefer a bit of creaminess to enrich their morning cup, there are now a plethora of dairy substitutes that can add a delicious and healthy start to your day. 

Although many of the best-known dairy alternatives were actually discovered centuries ago, the most recent trend took off during the 2000’s as an option for those experiencing lactose intolerance, or for individuals committed to a vegan, plant-based diet. Now, non-dairy milk is as mainstream as well…coffee!

From the Middle East to China, the original versions of dairy-free milk were deeply rooted in the local cultures and dietary customs. Coconut milk has served as a diet staple in Southeast Asia, Africa and India for thousands of years. And the first forms of soy milk were a favorite breakfast drink in 14th-century China.

Almond milk appeared in the Middle East during the 13th century before spreading in popularity throughout Europe. The nutty mixture became a fresh alternative to cow’s milk and was accepted as part of the strict religious diets of both Muslims and Christians at the time, particularly important during Ramadan and Lent.

While technically not milk, the moniker appears to be here to stay. According to the foodie website mashed.com, the production and consumption of almond milk surged by 250 percent between 2010 and 2015, surpassing soy milk as the most popular plant-based milk in the U.S. Almond milk comes in various flavors, but it’s important to check the label for added sugar. When in doubt, it’s super easy to make your own almond milk.

After soaking 1 cup of raw almonds for 8 hours, pour the mixture into a blender with 3 cups of water and blend until emulsified. Enjoy your own delicious and healthy concoction. 

Oat Milk is the New Almond Milk!

The latest up is oat milk – a healthy fiber-rich, plant-based milk that has taken over the alternative non-dairy scene during the past several years.  Developed in the 1990’s by a Swedish scientist, oat milk is a more recent addition to the growing list of dairy substitutes. Because oats absorb water so well, many of the important nutrients remain after soaking, blending and straining through a special cloth. The result is a nutritious, cholesterol-free and sweet-tasting dairy-free addition to your coffee.

Oat milk thickens when heated, creating the perfect consistency for a latte.  Try making your own Oat Milk Latte at home by heating one cup of oat milk. Then whisk together with ½ cup of brewed coffee (we recommend a Dark Roast, such as Javatino French Roast Organic or Cuba Joe’s Espresso Organic.) Continue heating until it thickens. Complete the process by pouring into a blender or using a frothing wand until a form forms on top. Add additional flavors such as vanilla or cinnamon. Simple, healthy and delicious! 

Next up – Hemp Milk

Yet another healthy vegan alternative to dairy is hemp milk. Made from the seeds of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, the milk is rich in plant proteins, healthy fats and minerals. Hemp milk contains only trace amounts of THC, so don’t expect any mind-altering incidents as you sip your coffee! Just savor the earthy flavor and take comfort in knowing the health benefits of this tasty and protein-rich drink. Hemp production also aligns with Javatino’s philosophy to support sustainable farming. The plants require little water and fertilizer to grow, making it a more environmentally-friendly crop.   

Choose Javatino Organic

When choosing dairy substitutes or any food product, it’s important to know the source of your foods. And never compromise on quality and taste. Javatino is proud to be Orlando’s original USDA Certified Organic artisan coffee roaster, meaning our coffee is free from toxic pesticides, fertilizers and GMO’s.

If you are looking for a local Orlando organic coffee roaster that can deliver on taste, organic integrity and sustainability, you’ve come to the right place. Shop now to choose from our selection of Single Origin and blended coffees, and discover why Javatino is consistently recognized as one of the top organic coffee roasters in Orlando.