JAVATINO is pleased to announce that we are now a USDA Certified Organic roaster and beverage manufacturer, making us the first and only Certified Organic coffee roaster in Orlando!  We’ve always been all about freshness and quality.  Now we can also guarantee the organic integrity of our product line…from the moment the coffee beans are sourced, to that first delicious cup.

Why does Organic Integrity matter?

Organic integrity means that during every step of the production process, we have stringent controls in place to ensure that our products remain free of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and climate-destabilizing chemical fertilizers. Our coffee is also free of genetic engineering or genetically modified products and free of irradiation. More than a dozen varieties of coffee, along with our cold brew product line, are produced in our state-of-the-art facility in an organically controlled environment.

Safety and Quality Matter

We take safety seriously. In fact, JAVATINO is recognized as a Good Manufacturing Practices Certified facility, meaning that the highest level of food quality and safety precautions are practiced by our skilled team throughout the roasting and beverage manufacturing processes, including cleaning and sanitation. JAVATINO is also proud to have one of the first cold brew coffee processing facilities in Central Florida with this certification.

As a Specialty Coffee Roaster, JAVATINO offers only 100% Arabica Specialty Grade coffees, considered the highest grade of coffee available. And our coffee beans meet the superior standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association. 

Socially Responsible

And we don’t stop there.  In addition to our high standards in food quality, integrity and safety, JAVATINO also believes in being socially responsible when it comes to the environment and sustainability.  We use Fair Trade Certified products, supporting a global effort to not only pay fair prices for imported coffees but also empower the growers to provide for their families and invest in their communities.

Since 2012, JAVATINO Coffee has been serving customers and clients throughout Central Florida. From bean to cup, we are committed to bringing you the finest quality organic coffee produced under safe, ethical and environmentally sustainable conditions.

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