Javatino is crazy for Fall – the official launch of the holiday season! Raindrops may substitute for falling leaves, but it doesn’t keep us from loving a Florida Fall, with the anticipation of cooler temps and opportunities to enjoy outdoor culinary and cultural activities. And in the world of coffee, nothing says Autumn like nutmeg and cinnamon-flavored blends….and of course, our seasonal favorite – Javatino Pumpkin Spice! It’s back and ready for you to brew up your own holiday traditions. 

Pumpkin Fever

Where did our obsession with ‘everything pumpkin’ begin? The first signs of the fruit can be traced to pumpkin-like seeds found in Mexico dating from 7,000 B.C., with pumpkin still playing an important role in Mexican culinary culture today. Each November, festivities celebrating Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) feature the candied pumpkin concoction, calabaza en tacha – delicious enough to raise the dead! 

Pumpkins were among the first crops grown by Native Americans, and once discovered by 17th century European explorers, the gourds began to be harvested throughout Europe and the world. The nutritious pumpkin pulp and seeds were used for a variety of dishes and the thick shell exterior made it ideal for storage.  

Early American settlers are thought to be the first to create a version of what we now know as pumpkin pie. The original version used the hollowed-out shell to bake a filling of pulp, milk, honey and spices over hot ashes. By the 1800’s a pastry crust was combined with the pumpkin to create one of our favorite holiday desserts.  

Javatino Seasonal Favorites

The wait is over! Javatino is celebrating Fall by bringing back our popular seasonal blends. Javatino Pumpkin Spice is always the perfect choice for pumpkin lovers – enjoyed by itself or paired with a pastry treat. Our Cinnamon Hazelnut Cream offers up just the right blend of cinnamon and hazelnut flavors with a velvety smooth finish. Both coffees are freshly roasted with only the highest quality 100% Arabica beans. 

Featured Product: Peru – Cup of Excellence

Coffee purists….take note! Javatino is pleased to offer a limited supply of the award-winning Peru Cup of Excellence coffee. This Certified Organic Single Origin coffee was selected by an international jury at the Cup of Excellence, the Peruvian coffee industry’s most prestigious competition. The light roast features a creamy body with subtle flavors of boysenberry, raspberry, blackberry and star anise. Order online while supplies last! 

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