2022 has arrived  – ushering in another year – and much to our relief, a more positive outlook. According to a recent poll by Maru Public Opinion, nearly half of Americans surveyed were happy to leave 2021 behind. Yet more than 79% of those surveyed expect 2022 to be a much better year. 

Javatino greets the new year with a renewed commitment to bringing our customers the best craft brew coffee available anywhere. Join us as we look at trends in the food and beverage industry impacting our own health, and the health of our planet.

Comforting and Sustainable Food Trends

Thanks to comfort food, we managed to survive the challenges of the past year. The comfort trend is expected to continue into 2022, with a focus on vegetables and sustainable crop production. With the higher cost of meat, consumers will experiment with new vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients enhanced by non-traditional pairings of spices. Imagine curry mac and cheese!

At Javatino, we not only offer the freshest and finest-tasting coffee you’ll ever taste, but you’ll also be comforted to know that our organically grown coffee is produced under eco-friendly and sustainable conditions. We stand behind our farmers – from Brazil to Ethiopia – who are just as committed as we are to producing the best quality coffee product.

Superior quality coffee starts with the beans. Take our Sumatra Organic, grown in the high altitudes of the second largest island in Indonesia. This rich and complex dark roast is both USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified, ensuring that our coffee is meeting the most rigorous standards in the coffee industry. In fact, all of our Single Origin coffees are Certified Organic, representing the best coffee from the world’s foremost coffee-growing regions.

Sumatra FTO Bag

Coffee Blends Coming into their Own

Blended coffees are produced by blending two or more single-origin coffees. Long considered less desirable to the Single Origin specialty coffees, blended coffees are finally gaining respect throughout the specialty coffee community. 

When you know your coffee roaster, you can be assured that the beans are blended and roasted to create the most consistent flavor possible. Our Signature Blend is a customer favorite, combining the medium and dark roasts of coffees from Africa and Central/South America, resulting in a smooth, full-bodied coffee.  

From Butter to Potatoes

In 2022, buttered – or bulletproof – coffee is becoming a popular choice, particularly for those on the low-carb, high-fat Keto diet. According to Healthline.com, fans of butter coffee believe adding a tablespoon of grass-fed butter into your coffee cup can not only replace breakfast, but also provides steady, long-lasting energy since the caffeine is absorbed slower. Butter up and you be the judge.

Signature Blend Subscription Bag

For those looking for a healthier dairy alternative, plant-based milks will continue to grow in popularity. Move over, oat and cashew milk….potato milk is the next big thing! Originating in Sweden, the potato-based drink is made through a patented method of blending boiled potatoes with rapeseed oil, creating a creamy milk alternative that is less expensive to produce and friendlier to the environment. And European converts insist it makes the perfect froth for coffee drinks! Not yet available in the United States, look for potato milk to make its debut on American grocery shelves soon. 

Javatino – Orlando’s Preferred Coffee Supplier

Make sure you are well supplied with your favorite Javatino coffees to keep you and your family energized and motivated for whatever comes your way in 2022. Shop Now to choose from our selection of more than a dozen Single Origin and blended coffees. Or sign up for a Javatino coffee subscription and have your monthly selections shipped directly to your home throughout the year. There’s lots brewing at Javatino in 2022…look for more exciting updates soon!