There’s nothing quite like the distinctive aroma of freshly brewed coffee as you anticipate that first cup of the day. Even non-coffee drinkers are drawn to its seductive aroma. Smell is one of our most heightened senses and when combined with taste, helps deliver some of life’s simple pleasures – from the first bite of a freshly baked apple pie to the heavenly flavor of a finely roasted coffee. 

Javatino works every day to produce coffee that’s not only pleasing to the palette, but also among the healthiest coffee products available. As Orlando’s original USDA Certified Organic artisan roaster, we are doing our best to deliver on that promise. 

Stop and Smell the Coffee

Where does that intoxicating aroma originate?  Smell begins in the nose where odor molecules are transmitted via neurons to the brain’s olfactory bulb, before being processed into that first whiff of coffee. Coffee aroma is influenced by more than 1,000 organic compounds that are released when the coffee beans are roasted. And from there comes those familiar earthy, fruity and spicy aromas. 

In addition to producing irresistible aromas, coffee is also an excellent natural source for masking smells. Thanks to the nitrogen produced from caffeine, coffee can absorb unwanted odors.  A small container of used coffee grounds in your fridge makes an easy and sustainable deodorizer. Coffee grounds can also be used to remove cooking smells from your hands. Just wash your hands with some grounds and say goodbye to that scent of garlic and onions!

Roasted to Perfection

Roasting has the most influence on coffee’s taste, so it’s important to know your roaster. At Javatino, we start with specialty-grade organic 100% Arabica beans. Then our artisan roasters do their magic, transforming the green coffee beans into the final delicious product. 

The roasting heat causes amino acids and sugars to combine and react, creating the unmistakable smell, taste and color of coffee. Javatino coffees run the gamut of flavors, from the exotic and slightly spicy taste of our Bali Blue Moon Organic to the crisp and fruity flavor of the award-winning Peru – Cup of Excellence. 

Chemical Attraction

Javatino customers are attracted to the variety of coffee flavors produced at our Orlando organic roasting facility. Experience for yourself by choosing from a dozen USDA Certified Organic Javatino Single Origin coffees to find your favorite flavor. Or try one of our blended coffees, combining the finest selection of beans from various regions around the globe. Our Signature Blend Organic, a long-time favorite, never disappoints with its smooth and creamy medium-dark roast. Shop Now to discover the Javatino difference!