March has arrived – and with it, a sense of relief and renewal. Time to wake up from COVID hibernation and seize the day! Head outside and create some new fitness routines that will reenergize and get you back on track physically and mentally. March 14 marks the start of Daylight Savings Time, so that means longer days and more time to enjoy the outdoors before the scorching summer temps arrive.

Javatino – the Healthy Choice

Consuming just one cup of coffee before physical activity has been shown to accelerate weight loss through the fat-burning properties of caffeine. In addition to increasing metabolism and energy, coffee also improves mental focus, helping you stay alert and engaged in whatever activity you choose.

With Javatino coffee, you are also enjoying the healthy benefits of coffee sourced and roasted by Orlando’s first and only USDA Certified Organic artisan coffee company. This means that our coffee meets strict government standards that ensure our beans were farmed without toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We call it organic integrity. You will call it delicious!

But we don’t stop there. Our products are also Fair Trade Certified™, proudly supporting the global effort to provide the highest standard of fair wages and labor practices to farmers. Our Single Origin coffees are the result of careful cultivation of select coffee beans from across the Coffee Bean Belt region, extending from South America to Indonesia. The result – the healthiest and tastiest coffee in your cup.

Step it up

According to health experts, 10,000 steps equal approximately four miles, which is considered the recommended amount of daily activity that can lead to significant improvement for a variety of health conditions, including high blood pressure and heart disease. Physical activity can also reduce the risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cancer, ease symptoms of depression, and increase longevity.  So, feel good knowing that you are reaping healthy benefits for body and soul with every step you take.

Wherever you call home, spring is the perfect time to step out and discover your local area’s natural beauty. Central Floridians can check out some of our own hidden natural gems:

  • Hike the boardwalk at Oakland Nature Preserve, a stunning 128-acre preserve located between Clermont and Winter Garden
  • Tibet-Butler Reserve, located not far from Disney features 3.6 miles of trails where you can rediscover Florida’s original nature habitats
  • Explore the trails and natural springs at Wekiva Springs State Park, just north of downtown. 

Don’t Run Low on Javatino

Before setting out on your next adventure, fortify yourself with a cup (or two) of Orlando’s own Certified Organic Javatino coffee. You and your health deserve the best.  Shop Now to choose from more than a dozen Single Origin and blended coffees. And make sure you are supplied through the spring months and beyond, by signing up for a Javatino coffee subscription.  So easy…and be secure in knowing you will never run low on Javatino!