Variety Pack


Can’t decide on your favorite Javatino coffee? Treat yourself to a unique coffee sampling experience. Compare tastes side by side, and you be the judge!


Features eight 4oz bags:

  1. Brazil – Organic

    Full-bodied with subtle dark chocolate sweetness and a nut or toffee finish. Makes for an excellent espresso.

  2. Colombia – Organic

    A full-bodied coffee with notes of cherry and milk chocolate.

  3. Ethiopia – Organic

    Notes of strawberry and stone fruit with a nice floral, almost tea-like, essence.

  4. Guatemala – Organic

    Notes of nuts and cocoa with medium acidity and a strong body.

  5. Sumatra – Organic

    Full-bodied with a concentrated flavor. This coffee has low acidity and a richness that lingers on the back corners on your tongue.

  6. Bali Blue Moon – Organic

    A complex coffee with an exotic syrupy body and hints of chocolate, vanilla and spice.

  7. Nicaragua – Organically Grown

    Sweet and citric as an espresso, smooth and creamy as a cappuccino, and is bright, fruity with chocolate notes as a pour-over coffee.

  8. Peru – El Guayacan AAA – Organically Grown

    Notes of canned peaches and raspberries.

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