We thought 2021 would never arrive…and now summer is at its peak.  The ‘dog days of summer’ officially arrived on July 3, bringing with them hot and stormy days. Whether you enjoy a sizzling day at the beach or staying cool indoors, Javatino is here to help you survive the dog days. Our solution? Always […]

Let’s hear it for our favorite guy!  Whether you’re a new father, father of the bride, a stepfather, or a father figure, this is one day that’s all about Dad! Sunday, June 20 marks Father’s Day 2021, so plan now to celebrate your dad – and let him know how truly special he is!  Looking […]

Small Business, Big Heart During the past year, small businesses have been tested like never before. Sadly, many of America’s small businesses have been forced to close their doors, however, despite the hardships, many have not only survived – but thrived – through innovation, perseverance, and community support. Talk about pivoting! This week marks Small […]

Enhance your Morning Coffee with Tasty Dairy-Free Alternatives Coffee purists may like their morning coffee black, but for those who prefer a bit of creaminess to enrich their morning cup, there are now a plethora of dairy substitutes that can add a delicious and healthy start to your day.  Although many of the best-known dairy […]

March has arrived – and with it, a sense of relief and renewal. Time to wake up from COVID hibernation and seize the day! Head outside and create some new fitness routines that will reenergize and get you back on track physically and mentally. March 14 marks the start of Daylight Savings Time, so that […]

Getting to the Heart of Valentine’s Day Long before Valentine’s Day aroused images of Cupid, hearts and roses, and centuries before chocolate was first discovered, the popular holiday is believed to have originated in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia that took place during the fifth century. The raucous and sensual affair celebrated fertility and […]

As we navigate beyond the challenges of last year, our daily doses of coffee continue to serve as a comforting and stabilizing influence in our lives. And coffee lovers have taken it a step further, creating the latest coffee crazes at home. Korean-inspired Dalgona coffee debuted on social media in March 2020, setting off a […]

Wake up your Holiday with Javatino Traditional Thanksgiving plans might have been upended this year, but as we have learned to do with so many other challenges…just pivot! Put a different twist on the holiday by incorporating some new and fun traditions to celebrate the day. Why not treat your family to a coffee and […]

October Celebrates Fair Trade Month October is Fair Trade Month, recognizing the global effort to encourage fair trading practices and working conditions for farmers around the world, while also encouraging sustainable farming methods. Despite the unique challenges faced during the global pandemic, the Fair Trade community continues to support the livelihoods of nearly a million […]

This month marks the 100th year anniversary of women receiving full rights of citizenship – and most importantly, the right to vote. Thanks to a small but determined group of women who gathered in New York in 1848, the seeds of the Women’s Suffrage Movement were first planted, culminating in the ratification of the 19th […]