Orlando, FL – Javatino is a new coffee roaster with a manufacturing facility headquartered in the Orlando area that is bringing a new concept to the coffee industry: roasting on demand. The company boasts the freshest coffee one can buy, as the coffee is not roasted until an order is placed.

“We want to create a different approach to this commodity and a new coffee culture in Central Florida with our fresh roasts,” said Javatino Founder and Artisan Roaster Jose Estorino. “At Javatino, you can be assured we select from the finest beans, and only roast when your order is placed, ensuring you the freshest coffee available.”

Javatino currently sells 20 different coffees online, and is also entering agreements with local restaurants and coffee houses around Central Florida.

“For commercial applications, our unique distribution will allow us to deliver only the freshest roasted coffee beans to ensure the customers are receiving their most exquisite cup of coffee.

The company starts with selecting Grade 1 Arabica beans from around the world. Relationships have been established with the growers and coffee bean importers to ensure the finest product. The beans are handled with care, protecting them from air and moisture. After the perfect roast for each single origin coffee or blend is developed, then the artisan roasters continually cup at multiple stages of the process to ensure the highest quality.

“Mother Nature infuses promise into each bean grown in the regions we choose from…and it’s up to a roaster to unlock this potential and develop it into something dynamic during the roasting process,” said Estorino. “That’s what we do. We’re artisan roasters, and determining the ideal roast for our coffees is truly a science. And something at which we excel.”

Javatino offers blended coffees, single origin, decaf, organic, espresso and limited product offerings, all available in 16 oz. freshly sealed bags. To order online, visit www.javatino.com.