Ahhh, coffee. Nectar of the gods. Go juice. Liquid energy. There are as many names for coffee as there are caffeine fiends around the world, but whatever you call it, it is a wonder. Many things Javatino – How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee Imagefactor into making that cup of liquid lightning, though, and if any of them are off, your cup of coffee can lose that magical quality. Here are some things to consider when trying to make the perfect cup of joe.

  • Use fresh grounds
    Whatever kind of grounds you like, they are best fresh. For the perfect cup of coffee, try to stick with buying whole beans and grinding them within half an hour of brewing. If you can afford one, a burr grinder will ensure the coffee grounds are a uniform size. Uniform grounds help make coffee that isn’t too weak or bitter.
  • Purchase a quality brewer
    Manual drip brewers will filter out any oil or sediment from your grounds and are commonly thought to be the best type of brewer. Flat bottom drippers are slightly better than cones, as water more evenly saturates the grounds in a flat bottom dripper.
  • Check your water
    The water you use to brew your coffee can have a major impact on its flavor. If you don’t like the taste of the tap water where you live, don’t use it to brew coffee. Filtered or bottled water will ensure you get a cleaner coffee flavor.

And don’t forget the perfect ratio: 5 tablespoons of grounds plus 16 ounces of water equals 16 ounces of perfect coffee.