Exploring the Café Culture of France 

Oh là là! The French are known for savoring the simple pleasures of life.  You can’t top a  freshly prepared meal and good wine as ingredients to enjoying a full and satisfying joie de vie. Unless it’s a freshly roasted cup of coffee. Since coffee was introduced in France during the 17th century, the drink has endeared itself into French society. And today it remains at the core of France’s café culture. 

Javatino founder and CEO Jose Estorino recently traveled to France, where he explored what makes the French coffee experience so special. “The French people haven’t lost that simple joy of lingering at a café and watching the world go by,” said Estorino. “You won’t find as many heads buried in laptops and phones as you do here. It’s refreshing to see the locals connecting with friends over a cup of coffee.” 

Café au Lait…s’il vous plaît!

Important lesson learned…never order a cappuccino in France! The French tend to scoff at what they consider a mere substitute for their café au lait. Café au lait is made with equal parts coffee and steamed milk, while the cappuccino includes shots of espresso with warm milk and froth. The difference might be subtle, but It’s best to avoid this faux pas!

The French also tend to enjoy milky-type coffee drinks only for breakfast with bread or a croissant. For an afternoon pick me up, they prefer a simple black coffee or espresso. Viva la difference

What Makes a French Roast…well, French?

French Roast coffee is named for its style of roasting rather than the origin of the coffee. This roasting style became popular during the 19th century in Europe and is recognized for producing a strong blend of intense and smoky-sweet flavors. The darker French roast is also less acidic and surprisingly has less caffeine compared to lighter roasts.  

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel any further than your local Orlando artisan coffee roaster Javatino to savor the deliciousness of a strong French Roast coffee.  When you taste our Javatino French Roast, you can enjoy the bold flavors of France from the comfort of your home. 

Support Fair Trade Certified

In both France and the United States, Fair Trade and sustainability are well established in the coffee roasting industry. October celebrates Fair Trade Month, but at Javatino, every month is Fair Trade Certified month as we continue to support the global effort to encourage fair prices for imported coffees, translating into fair wages and working conditions for coffee growers. 

When you choose Javatino, you are supporting Orlando’s original Certified Organic coffee roaster, committed to organic integrity and featuring the Fair Trade Certified™ seal on all our Single Origin coffee products. We encourage you to Seek the Seal by purchasing Fair Trade products whenever possible. 

Javatino coffee and cold brews are available for purchase every Friday at the Windermere Farmer’s Market and at select Central Florida locations. Or shop online to find our entire selection of Single Origin and blended coffees, plus seasonal favorites.