Welcome back to school! Cheers to all the amazing teachers and students (and parents!) who survived the 2020-2021 school year. Make a fresh start to the new school year and begin your day with a cup of coffee from Orlando’s original USDA Certified Organic roaster. We also proudly offer Fair Trade Certified and 100% Arabica Specialty Grade coffee, ensuring you are drinking the best quality and most delicious coffee you can find in the Orlando area – or anywhere. 

Earn Extra Credit

Show your teachers how much you appreciate them with a gift of Javatino coffee. You’re guaranteed to score high marks when choosing from our selection of organic Single Origin and blended coffees. Can’t decide? The Javatino Variety Pack is an ideal way to experience the variety of our coffees, each representing the unique flavor and profile of its country of origin. 

The tempting assortment includes eight 4-oz. bags – featuring Single Origin and espresso coffees, along with our popular Breakfast Blend and Signature Blend. Great value and the perfect gift!  Shop online or check out our entire selection at the Windermere Farmer’s Market (every Friday between 9 am – 1:30 PM).

Geography Class

Javatino is well-schooled in the art of coffee roasting – and geography.  Our Single Origin coffees originate from what is known as the Coffee Bean Belt, a vast geographic zone that produces the bulk of the world’s coffee and stretches across the equator through Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Each of the 70 countries included in this region produces beans that are unique to their country’s environment and farming practices, resulting in distinctive flavors and characteristics. Our collection of organic Single Origin coffees provides a delicious escape into these exotic regions, ranging from the highland jungles of Guatemala to the rich volcanic soils of Bali. 

Once the beans arrive at our Orlando roasting facility, they are carefully roasted and quality tested before reaching their final destination at your home or office. But the journey is not complete until you enjoy the first taste of Javatino in your cup! 

Coffee Studies

Need a pick me up or study break? Recent studies continue to validate that low to moderate consumption of coffee (2-3 daily cups) can help to improve mental performance, boosting alertness and concentration, while reducing drowsiness and fatigue. And for sustained energy, put that energy drink aside and reach for a cup of coffee. You’ll avoid the sugar crash and consume fewer calories, while reaping the positive benefits of that extra energy to complete your project.   

It All Adds Up

At Javatino, our USDA Certified Organic label is the extra seal of approval that ensures you are drinking the best quality coffee for your daily caffeine dose. Add to that a  nutritious diet, exercise, and sleep, and you’ll be in top physical and mental shape for whatever comes your way.

Look no further than your local artisan coffee roaster Javatino to find the best selection of organic coffee products. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you. Give us a call at 407-730-6625 or order online. Here’s to a fresh start – and a safe and healthy school year!