Selecting only the Best

Founded in 2012, Javatino has built its coffee brand on quality. As an artisan coffee roaster, we recognize the importance of starting with the freshest and best quality coffee bean available. You might say we’re a bit obsessed, as we closely follow our beans –  from their origins in specially selected coffee-growing farms throughout South and Central America, Indonesia and Africa, to their final processing at our Javatino Orlando coffee roasting facility. There, our master roaster carefully roasts the beans to perfection, bringing out the purest flavor of the bean.

Presenting NEW Single Origin Coffees
Organically Grown Nicaragua Blue Heron

Javatino introduces new Single Origin coffees to add to the existing selection. Our new Organically Grown Nicaragua Blue Heron is grown in the Selva Negra Coffee Estate, located in the highlands of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The farm is owned and operated by descendants of the same German immigrants who established the farm in the 19th century.

Selva Negra is known in global coffee circles for progressive and award-winning sustainability practices. Their 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified designation guarantees your cup of coffee starts with beans that have been sustainably farmed to protect the local environment, and that the farm also invests in their coffee growers by promoting fair wages and reasonable working conditions. 

This versatile coffee boasts a fruity flavor and subtle chocolate notes that make it ideal for a pour-over coffee. Or change it up to create your own espresso or a smooth and creamy cappuccino. Whatever you choose, you can be assured you are drinking the best quality coffee available – from Orlando’s first and only Certified Organic coffee roaster. 

Peru El Guayacan AAA Coffee

Head further south to discover the unique flavors of Peru El Guayacan AAA coffee, originating from Cajamarca, located in the highlands of the Andes Mountains. Peru may not be as quickly associated with coffee production as its South American neighbors Brazil and Colombia, but the country’s coffees continue to receive accolades. The AAA designation is the Seal of Approval that the coffee is produced from Peru’s best quality Arabica beans. You’ll love the peach tones and buttery flavor of this new addition to our Single Origin coffees. 

Introducing New Javatino Variety Pack

Can’t decide which Single Origin coffee to order?  No worries! Thanks to our new Javatino Variety Pack, you can have your own assortment of eight 4-oz. packages featuring the enticing flavors of South and Central America, Africa and Indonesia. In addition to the new Peru El Guayacan AAA and Certified Organic Nicaragua Blue Heron, the Variety Pack includes our original selection of Javatino products, including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Bali Blue Moon coffees – all Certified Organic.

Treat yourself to a virtual journey through the Coffee Bean Belt as you discover the flavors of Javatino. We’re all about quality – and taste.  Shop Now to select from original favorites, or discover new Javatino flavors with our Variety Pack Enjoy the convenience of ordering online, and having freshly roasted Javatino coffee shipped directly to your home.