Looking for a reason to celebrate? We thought so! The first day of summer arrived this Saturday, June 20. So, as you carefully start to venture out of the house and rediscover the world, it’s time to embrace the season. This year’s Summer Solstice also aligns with Father’s Day, so all the more reason to kick off your family summer celebrations.

Summer Solstice Traditions

The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of summer when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky at the same time as the Northern Hemisphere is at its greatest tilt toward the sun. This traditional first day of summer boasts the year’s longest period of daylight, a cause for celebration of the harvest and fertility in many cultures, and a time of spiritual reflection.

One of the best-known Summer Solstice celebrations takes place at the sacred site of Stonehenge, located about 90 miles west of London, England. Named for its concentric rings of standing stone forms, this ancient site was constructed more than 4,000 years ago and is considered one of the oldest and best-preserved stone structures in the world.

Adding to the mystique is that Stonehenge was originally built as a temple and burial ground for the Druids, who served as the priests, spiritual leaders, and healers among the ancient Celtic tribes who inhabited the area. The Druids were spiritually connected to nature and worshipped multiple gods and goddesses. The annual Summer Solstice commemoration at Stonehenge celebrates the union of the male and female deities – the Sun and the Earth.

Midsummer in the Land of the Midnight Sun

In Sweden, the annual Midsummer celebration is one of the country’s most beloved holidays, dating back to the farming rituals that celebrate nature and a fruitful harvest. A typical Midsummer holiday is observed outdoors, lasting from sunrise until the 5 am sunset, and includes flower gathering and picnic feasts of cured salmon and potatoes, with a toast or two of aquavit, a popular local distilled spirit. And there’s always midnight skiing in the most northern part of the country!

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