Donuts and Javatino –  A Match made in Heaven

Time for some sweet distractions. We all need a reason to smile, so join local Orlando artisan coffee roaster Javatino on Friday, June 5 to celebrate National Donut Day! If there ever was a time to spread some sweetness and love, it’s now.   

Donuts and coffee are a natural pairing. Donuts and Javatino? Now that’s a match made in heaven! Enjoy them any way you like – powdered, jellied or sprinkled – and pair your favorite with one of our Javatino Single Origin coffees or Organic Blended coffees. You’ll be guaranteed the best tasting and best quality coffee available when you buy from Javatino, Orlando’s first and only Certified Organic coffee roaster.

National Donut Day – Really?

Yes, there is such a thing. National Donut Day was originally established in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army to honor women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. But the origins of the tasty treat actually started more than a century earlier in the Netherlands with the first Dutch version known as olykoeks (oil cakes).

This early variety resembled cake balls fried in pork fat that were often stuffed with fruit, nuts or other fillings since the center did not cook as quickly  – hence, the name doughnuts! The cake was soon adapted by replacing the fillings with a simple hole, making it much easier to fully cook. This new and improved design is attributed to an American ship captain, Hansen Gregory, who is believed to have pierced the cake through the ship’s steering wheel to allow him to use both hands to steer the ship.

We will never know the true origins for certain, but one thing’s for sure. Donuts made their way into America’s homes and hearts soon after the first automated donut machine was developed in 1920. Along with the hot dog and apple pie, the donut has secured its place in Americana.

The tasty treat has even worked its way into television plots. It’s hard to imagine a world in which Homer Simpson is not devouring a pink-glazed sprinkled donut. Or a day without donuts and a “damn fine cup of coffee” for FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks. Captain Gregory would have been amused.

Celebrate with Javatino

Honor National Donut Day with your favorite donut and a damn fine cup of Javatino. Finding it hard to choose from among our selection of 15 Single Origin and organic blended coffees? Try our new Javatino Variety Pack for a limited time only. The assortment features eight 4-oz. packages of Single Origin unique and delicious flavors from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia, Sumatra and Bali.

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