Celebrate the beginning of summer and stock up on your favorite beverages for the 4th of July festivities and cool summer gatherings. Looking for an alternative to beer or soft drinks? Try a delicious cold brew, guaranteed to quench your thirst at first sip, and reenergize your patriotic spirit!   Made in the U.S.A. July […]

There’s nothing quite like the distinctive aroma of freshly brewed coffee as you anticipate that first cup of the day. Even non-coffee drinkers are drawn to its seductive aroma. Smell is one of our most heightened senses and when combined with taste, helps deliver some of life’s simple pleasures – from the first bite of […]

Javatino joined millions of global citizens in celebrating Earth Day every day throughout April! We’ve been inspired by Central Floridians who organized neighborhood cleanups and educational programs to spread awareness about conserving our local natural resources for future generations to enjoy. Making a Difference  What steps are you taking to help our planet?  Whether it’s […]

Traveling outside of our geographical comfort zone can bring unexpected joys and discoveries. Capturing the sun setting behind an ancient temple at just the right moment, enjoying a memorable local encounter, or savoring an unforgettable meal. All these experiences can open our minds to new ideas and enriching experiences. As American poet and humorist Oliver […]

Heart Health  Coffee lovers rejoice! More reasons to love your daily dose of our favorite drink. Word has been out for a while that moderate coffee consumption can lead to a longer life.  Now once again, long-term medical studies have concluded that coffee is beneficial to your heart health.  According to the American Heart Association, […]

2022 has arrived  – ushering in another year – and much to our relief, a more positive outlook. According to a recent poll by Maru Public Opinion, nearly half of Americans surveyed were happy to leave 2021 behind. Yet more than 79% of those surveyed expect 2022 to be a much better year.  Javatino greets […]

Oh, the weather outside is…delightful! The 2021 holiday season is shaping up to be a festive time with balmy Florida days and crisp nights. Let Javatino be your guide to discovering local holiday activities that are sure to inspire!   Local and Authentic Experiences Javatino is dedicated to bringing our customers the freshest and best […]

Exploring the Café Culture of France  Oh là là! The French are known for savoring the simple pleasures of life.  You can’t top a  freshly prepared meal and good wine as ingredients to enjoying a full and satisfying joie de vie. Unless it’s a freshly roasted cup of coffee. Since coffee was introduced in France […]

Javatino is crazy for Fall – the official launch of the holiday season! Raindrops may substitute for falling leaves, but it doesn’t keep us from loving a Florida Fall, with the anticipation of cooler temps and opportunities to enjoy outdoor culinary and cultural activities. And in the world of coffee, nothing says Autumn like nutmeg […]

Welcome back to school! Cheers to all the amazing teachers and students (and parents!) who survived the 2020-2021 school year. Make a fresh start to the new school year and begin your day with a cup of coffee from Orlando’s original USDA Certified Organic roaster. We also proudly offer Fair Trade Certified and 100% Arabica […]