Exploring the Coffee Bean Belt

Staying at home 24/7 does create new challenges, but it doesn’t mean we can’t all stay connected, educated and entertained. Grab a cup of coffee and come explore the Coffee Bean Belt with Javatino – without leaving your home office or couch!

The Coffee Bean Belt is a geographic area that stretches horizontally along the equator through 70 countries in Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The region boasts a mild and tropical climate with abundant rainfall and just the right amount of shaded sun to nurture the rich volcanic soil and create ideal conditions for coffee growing. Throughout this vast region, a variety of coffee beans are grown, each variety having its own local story, and showcasing distinctive flavor and characteristics.

Serving our community as an Orlando coffee roaster since 2012, Javatino remains committed to bringing you the best quality coffee available – more important now than ever. Check out our selection of organic Single Origin coffees originating from several countries across the Coffee Bean Belt, including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Indonesia.

Quality Coffee from Colombia

While Brazil can claim to be the largest coffee producer in the world, Colombia is known as the largest exporter. Colombian exported coffees are considered some of the finest in the world, cultivated at very high elevations in the Andes Mountains. The result is a wonderful full-bodied coffee with caramel, grape, and floral notes. Native Colombians are less concerned with caffeine content than with a coffee’s flavor, making the drink a popular evening beverage in Colombia.

Javatino sources its organic Colombian coffee directly from the regions of Cesar and Magdalena, home to the indigenous Arhuaco People. Their spiritual connection with nature is evident in the dedication of the local farmers to produce the finest quality coffee beans. The region’s Association of Indigenous Agroecology Producers (ANEI) oversees 700-plus coffee-producing families in the region.

The association was founded by Aurora Izquierdo, one of the first Arhuaco women to leave the community to pursue higher education, and who returned to establish a sustainable agricultural program. Javatino is proud to support ANEI and its mission to improve the lives of local coffee growers while producing the highest quality organic and Fair Trade CertifiedJavatino Colombia coffee. We can all drink to that! 

Guatemala Gains Ground

Although bringing up the rear as Number 10 out of the world’s top producers of coffee, Guatemala itself has had a renaissance in recent years in the number of coffee shops per capita. Thanks to an enterprising coffee plantation owner, Guatemala was introduced to a  number of coffee houses that have now been joined by a growing number throughout the country’s metropolitan areas. This trend mirrors other coffee-producing countries in the Coffee Bean Belt, that are reclaiming their higher quality coffee products for consumption in their own country in addition to exporting.

Javatino’s Organic Guatemala coffee is also Fair Trade Certifiedô and sourced from Huehuetenango in the western highlands of the country, and features a medium to dark roast with notes of cinnamon, chocolate, citrus, cherry, malt, and even graham cracker! You deserve a break today. Why not curl up with a heavenly cup of Guatemalan coffee while binge-watching your favorite show.

Easy Online Shopping

Make sure you have an adequate supply of Javatino coffee on hand to get you through the coming days and weeks. Our coffee is available in 16 oz. freshly sealed bags with free shipping on all orders with two or more bags. (Use promo code 2020 during checkout to redeem.) Shop online for our entire selection of organic Single Origin coffee products – coming to you direct from the Coffee Bean Belt.