With independent coffee shops popping up all over the place, your options for coffee are anything but limited. It can be hard to know not just what flavor or style you should order, but how it should be brewed. Here are the top 5 ways to brew your coffee and how they each change the taste of your favorite drink.


  1. Chemex– This is one of the older ways to brew coffee. This brew is special since the filter that is used is about three times as thick as most other brews’. This means more of the excess stuff like fatty oils are cleared out of the coffee, giving it a smoother texture and purer flavor.
  2. Cold Brew– Similar to the French press, only the hot water is replaced with cold water and the grounds are steeped for up to 18 hours. Since cool water actually brings out the natural flavors of the oils in coffee, cold brews tend to have a sweeter and crisper taste.
  3. French Press– The fastest way to get a fresh cup of joe. This brew only takes four minutes to steep the grounds. However, the longer you let the steep, the higher they’ll get in caffeine. This may sound like a blessing, but remember to watch the intake of your caffeine, as it can lead to spikes in cholesterol levels.
  4. Standard Drip– This is one of the healthiest ways you can brew your coffee and the most common when it comes to making coffee at home. It’s fast and easy; all you have to do is pour water over your coffee grounds and wait. The filters in a standard drip take out lots of toxins, but they also remove the oils that give coffee its earthy and bold flavors, so this type of brewing can taste a little dull.
  5. “Cowboy” Method– Once only used by backpackers and campers, this style of brewing has recently gained popularity. The key is to heat water and coffee beans over a stovetop, and right before the concoction begins to boil, sprinkling in a bit of cool water and pouring it straight into your cup. This gives the coffee a very bold taste; almost too bitter for most coffee drinkers.


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